What are some innovate ways of greeting a girl?

I only get to see this cute girl at school like twice a day, sometimes not at all. the reason for this is because we don't have any classes together at all, I only see her in the hall ways 1/5 of probability. Instead of saying "hey. How''s it going." what can I say to cause her to spark an interest in me?


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  • Well... There's loads of things you could do as well as say, such as:

    Wink at her whenever you catch her looking at you,

    Tell her a funny joke,

    Compliment her on her eyes, hair, what she's wearing etc,

    If she's looking at you, look at her, then look away, then look back and if she's still looking, give her a really cute smile,

    Say something like 'Whatcha doin' or 'Hey, how you doin' (like Joey in friends :D)

    Ask her something about her day, i.e what subject she just had

    If she's walking in front of you pull lightly on her ponytail or sling your arm around her shoulders (only if she actually knows you) and say hey

    Accidentally bump into her and then laugh it off and hopefully you guys will start talking - you could also walk her to her class, wink or smile at her then walk off!

    Hope these worked :D

    • When do you meet her? During lunch time? It is really important to take a close watch on her. If you have showed your interest on her before then she would have certainly got your concern. If she is shy or reserved, just give her a sweet smile or a wink. If you continue showing your interest (if she does not seem responding to your action, then approach her. Telling your honest feeling towards her is the best way to get her! :)

      Every girls in the world waits of prince charming. Good luck!

    • dPdls: (I'm the guy who posted this) I only met her through facebook. So I'm trying me best to see things through. To both of you, I give you my thanks. =)

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