Which ones are cuter (Puma trainers)?

Which ones are cuter (Puma trainers)?

Which ones are cuter (Puma trainers)?
  • A - the lower ones.
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  • B - the higher ones.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • To me, it's like asking "Do you prefer your eggs scrambled or hard boiled?"

    They both look "cute", but I can't tell which is cuter. If by cuter you mean "looks less practical", I would go with B.

    • I mean look more beautiful. Haha
      But I get your point. The second ones look like they'd impede movement more, for sure.

    • LOL I know. On a more serious note, I think A looks better. I like the more intricate and organized pattern with the laces. Also, it looks like there is now if a contrast in the color shade between the shoe and it's laces. It could be the lighting though, but that's what I think.

Most Helpful Girl

  • These look pretty, I think especially it's for dance classes but I wouldn't wear to gym or skl PE lessons


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