Body building: is it worth the effort? do girls appreciate it?

Do you girls find built guys sexy? do you love looking at well-shaped guys? do you really appreciate a body's beauty?

and by built I mean toned/defined abs and pecs, or a very well defined body overall, nothing puffy or scary. Ah and another question, do girls care when a guy has a nice posture rather than a bent one like the people who don't care about their bodies have?

You could give us a hint about your level of activity in your answer too :)

  • Working out is a must for any guy
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  • Working out isn't exactly a "must",

    but it wouldn't hurt if a guy went to the gym every once and a while.

    As for posture...I realized that I do find that important.

    I'm constantly on a guy friend's case about it [ he likes me, but um...there's just no chemistry there ].

    Him having bad posture just adds to the fact that I don't really like him,

    but it's not the most important thing in the world if that makes sense...


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  • i don't like huge muscles, if a guy has a little definition then it's good, he looks like he takes care of himself.

  • As long as you're not doing roids you're good.

    I love a toned body on a dude. Espcially good abs and pecs. So hot.


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