Do you like this style shoe? Fave color? Low/hi-tops?

Do you like this style shoe? Fave color? Low/hi-tops?Aside from converse and Nike Trainers, my #1 go-to shoe since i was a kid has always been Nike Forces. Theyre kinda heavy to walk in, but i love wearing em and also find them to be the sexiest shoe on a guy especially when they pair it with a white/black tee or a polo. Its prob weird i get turned on by certain clothing wear but seeing a guy wear these makes my puss wet πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦
I myself love to wear the hi-top white and black, but i want the brown ones that look like timbs. Ahh, Nike Force couples are the cutest to me. And yea This shoe has been around for a long time and is still popular. The price isn't too bad: Anywhere from $90-150.00 #AirForce1s #FeelFreeToList
Do you like this style shoe? Fave color? Low/hi-tops?Do you like this style shoe? Fave color? Low/hi-tops?

  • Do you like this style shoe? Fave color? Low/hi-tops?White
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  • Do you like this style shoe? Fave color? Low/hi-tops?Black
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  • Do you like this style shoe? Fave color? Low/hi-tops?Brown
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  • Do you like this style shoe? Fave color? Low/hi-tops?Blue
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  • Do you like this style shoe? Fave color? Low/hi-tops?Neon
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  • Do you like this style shoe? Fave color? Low/hi-tops?Other colors
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  • Do you like this style shoe? Fave color? Low/hi-tops?Sorry, never been a fan
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I also like these Jason Voorhees ones. And if u like Forces, i recommend watching the movie Kicks about this kid who basically risks his life for some Forces lmao.


Most Helpful Guys

  • Black ones. They go with everything. But not a fan of the high top ones

    • Yes love the black and yes lowtop looks sexy on guys

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    • Lol im shocked cause most people dont tie forces. Some tuck em and some wear em like how they are on the pic of the black forces

    • Welp guess I’m a nerd yo 😭😭

  • I've got 6 nike.
    1 white n orange.
    2 grey purple n yellow.
    3 blue white.
    4 black yellow.
    5 orange blue.
    6 is actually asics, black n orange 🀣


Most Helpful Girls

  • I love Nike Forces! Both my ex and my current boyfriend wear them. My fave color is white, especially in summer. Brown or black are better for fall and winter.

  • I would say the all white or rams ones are nice, and I will always like the hi-tops better. Only problem with the white ones is keeping them clean lol. I also like the black and white along with the red and white ones in that last photo😍

    • Yea its hard to keep the white clean after a few months

    • I meant *tan ones lol. And yea it is, but that’s with any white shoe sadly

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  • I really like the brown ones because they look similar to Timbs.. But beside that I think the colorful mix is where it's at.. I like the black and yellow...

    • Lol yea i said in the paragraph above that they look like timbs too

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    • It was a good movie! A lot of people died over some shoes lol

    • LMAO.. The premise seems silly but it's probably deeper than I think..

  • First of all I want to thank you for inviting me to your questions dear Desi, I missed it really :-)

    The question is interesting as matter of fact, I like low tops myself and always choose Black, Brown and white colors.
    Can't really decide between options A, B and C, but for the good sake of the question will go with the brown shoes if I only had enough to buy one pair, as for they can be worn with any clothing color. The white shoes are beautiful, as well as the black ones, especially the White/Red ones, but as we all know, they will get dirty and need to be cleaned all of the time, while the brown ones, kind of timberland style, won't be noticed in case they got dirt on.

    I also like these:

    • By the way dear Desi, I am a big fan of timberland brand <3
      I have bought these boots few months ago and they are super comfortable, well, they were on sale, as for I always wait for Timberland stores' sales to be able to afford something!!!</a>

    • Nice. And those red ones u posted are the red ones i posted under the β€œsorry never been a fan” option

    • Am aware of that dear Desi, and I understand, they don't go well with everything but matter of fact red is my favorite color.
      I was really close to buy a red car last year when last minute I took the silver one.
      Whatever the color we like most, it will depend on the item itself and situation.

  • For myself I'd buy the black ones, for a girl I'd suggest the white ones :D

  • I have the white ones and like them, I wear them so rarely that they look brand new though haha

    • Lol yea i love em. I kept my white ones clean for about a year or two

  • The black one is the best I like black more than white

    • I like both and both go good with diff outfits but the white hard to keep clean after a while

    • That's the reason I don't like the white one
      It gets dirty too quick πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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What Girls Said 13

  • The white ones looks fab.

  • I like the brown, even the neon ones a little bit. Never been a fan of the white ones, tho.

    • Omg how could u betray me lol. The white has always been my fave but man i get pissed when someone steps on em

    • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


    I haven't owned a pair of forces since high school lol. I don't like high top sneakers of any kind. The low top white ones were my first day of school favorites.

  • Yes but with heels. This naughty girl took my shoes and wore them 😁

  • In that style I like Vans in the black and yellow sort of pattern. But overall I’m not into the trainer style

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