Am I looking too deeply into this?

Long story short; there is this guy in one of my classes who I talk to only a bit in class. Well he randomly, totally out of nowhere, commented on my profile picture last night saying that I'm very beautiful and then starting facebook chatting with me, asking me if I'm doing anything today and if I wanted to join him with his homework. He also asked for my number. The thing is; I'm known for my intelligence, not to brag, so I don't know if he just wants me to help him out or if he's actually interested. He also texted me this morning and we've been texting for 2 hours straight right now, about random stuff. What do you think his intentions are?


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  • Basically he likes you. He's using the homework thing to have some excuse to be around you and when he said you were beautiful he probably meant it. He was just trying to tell you he's interested. Is he intelligent at all?

    • He is intelligent! Though I am getting a higher mark than him in the class so that's why it made me think..

    • That makes me think he likes you even more. Do you like him? Don't answer if you don't want to.

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