Guys is looking innocent cute?

I'm 24 and guys always tell me I'm cute and innocent looking is

this a desirable thing?


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  • there is no one thing that willl attract guys but yes innocense does turn guys on because of their alpha male complex, they like to feel like they are the boss and having a girl who isn't to sure about what to do increases that sensation

    • So innocense is sexy?

      I thought it was a bad thing

    • Well it depends on the guys taste but I have been turned on by both overwelmingly sexual girls and by ver shy and innocent girls just take which ever one you got and work it :) there is nothing wrong with being innocent and you will definitely have no trouble getting guys because of it, quite the oppositethe will be attracted to you because they will feel incline to help

What Girls Said 1

  • how do you feel?

    I get the same thing, but when I'm working and have to wear a suit it's kind of a problem. Also a problem when I need to be taken seriously. People create expectations in their mind of who you are based on how you look. Sometimes they're shattered when you open your mouth lol. The difference between the percecption and reality is their level of alienation occasionaly.

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