This guy at the club that works there keeps looking at me but never says anything.

His hot, and I'm curious to know what his thinking or what does it mean.I catch him looking at me and well make eye contact, but then hell keep walking around. I've been there twice .


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  • he wants to f*** you and chuck u


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  • Walk up to him and start a conversation. He might not be able to approach you since he's working so the only good way you can find out if he's interested or not is to talk to him. If he brushes you off then that's an obvious sign that he's just not interested. Usually when someone stares at another person it means that they find them attractive or they're just staring because they think the person is the complete opposite of good looking and they can't help but to stare. I think if he has stared at you both times you've been there then that's a good sign that he finds you attractive and its not the other scenario. If I was in your position I'd say something funny that's flirty like "you look like you're having fun" since he's working. You want to make him laugh so he feels more comfortable and doesn't look at you as a stranger starting an awkward conversation with him.

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