What are the main reason a girl won't look at a guy?

Because he's not attractive enough? She has a boyfriend already or love interest? She's shy? Girls never look at me like they are interested and I just want to know the most probable reason.. I'm thinking it's the top... :(

  • He's ugly or not attractive enough for her standards
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  • She is taken(ish?)
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  • Girls are shy around strangers
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  • Girls aren't as horny/desperate as guys and have no reason to stare
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  • I think I will look no matter what.

    Ugly people aren't ugly to me.

    If you make me shy you're obviously hot.

    If you're taken, I will stare more than I would if you wouldn't.

    And it's true, girls aren't as "horny" as guys, I wouldn't stare you like oh damn! He so sexy! Lol just to admire and appreciate the effort you put to look good that night.


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  • Well I would avoid eye contact with a guy that I really like but I guess it depends on if the girl is conceded or not because if the girl is conceded then she wants him to make the first move

  • It's usually because I'm a little bit reserved and making eye contact, especially with the opposite gender, can make me a little bit uncomfortable.

  • the chemistry is lacking on her side

  • i get very shy I can't even make eye contact with any stranger...

  • It could be that she's just shy, oblivious, taken... .It depends on the girl. If she smiles at you and looks away though... She probably thinks you're cute.

  • For me, I don't look at guys because I'm taken. Why look when there's no need to? And I like to stay 100% true with my guy. I considering looking cheating.

    • Yeah, I thought that could also be a reason. And if over 50% of the girls at my school are taken, then that could explain why very few look at me (as in want me to know they are looking).

    • So you're probably a nice, decent looking guy, just people don't want to feel like they are cheating. So keep looking =)

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