An ideas for making shoes comfortable?

i love to wear cute flats, but I usually get blisters on the backs of my heels and stuff. obviously not wearing these shoes will prevent the blisters, but does anyone know of any other solutions so I can keep wearing my shoes?


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  • me too. like other people said, put a band aid (or 2) at the places where you're most likely to get blisters

    • I have tried bandaids, they don't stay on

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  • Get some Compeed. It ’ s for

    the treatment of blisters

    but if you put one of the

    strips on the part of your

    foot that is likely to blister,


    ’ ll protect it. They stay on

    for up to 3 days and are

    made of silicone, therefore

    having a skin-like texture...

  • Band aids, keep wearing them takes time to wear them in or get shoes made for you

    • Thanks but bandaids don't stay on

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  • i have the same issue and for a long time I would just not wear shoes unless they were super soft.

    There is one thing that I find helpful, but if you have a long day you may need to reaplly it half way through the day. Band aid makes a "blister block stick" which kinda looks like a little deoderant stick. you just put it on your foot where you normally get blisters and it helps prevent them

    • Hmm okay I have never heard of them...thanks!

    • Your welcome, they are sold at drug stores in the us at least. really though anything designed to prevent chaffing should work