Do her eyes give it away, every time?

I have been wondering if this girl likes me, or playing me. Do the eyes give it away? I'm in the library with her and some other people. I know she dislikes the guy a lot she would look at him pupils really small me and they got bigger than normal. I noticed the next day with a different annoying guy. She would stare whenever I talked to another girl who walked by. So is it true that the eyes give her away?

she mentions sometimes that she rejected this guy who asked her out.
Her friends seem to imply stuff when I am with her one of them saw us and said "hey you two" but kinda stretched it out. and then she smiled.
It is funny that her guy friend mentioned it, he dose not seem to like me and said she was looking at the clock. I could tell she was looking at me she has done it before when nothing was around me.


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  • Oh yeah...I think body language is the BIGGEST indicator of all. I think she's into you. Eye contact is HUGE and it sounds like she especially takes notice when you talk to another girl...i.e. she saw competition. If her friends seem to imply there's something more...that's also a great sign!

    Spend some more time with her...get to know her more and go with the flow :)


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