Guys, what do you really want?

Ok, so this has probably been asked a million times before, BUT -

What do you look for in a girlfriend? (No lies yeah? If you need her to be blond and busty, say it! Otherwise how will we know?!)

And how big an impact does how a girl looks actually have on you? Now I'm not talking about looking like we rolled out of a bush, but how good is good looking? Like, comfy? Or like we walked out of a catwalk?

And personality? Talkative? Cold?

So the bottom line is - What do you want?


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  • Awghhh : / ..sooo much I could say to this! lol.. but.. I just haven't got the energy : / .. .im very rear tho... I'm such a perfectionist :S ... but.. if you wnna chat about it id be glad to :D

  • All my friend want sex but that is just them if you wanna chat MSG me or comment on my



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