Women what do you look for in a guy?

Obviously there is the physical attraction that you look for, but what are some other qualities that you look for in a guy? Have any changed as you've matured in life? For example, did you like the bad boy in high school and now like the good more stable guy or is it still the same bad boy that you go for in a relationship?


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  • I don't know that my taste has changed, maybe fine tuned. Always thought if you don't want to end up marrying him don't go out you might fall in love and then what? Yes physical attraction gets me talking to him. Once he opens his mouth, he better be fun, make me laugh and be very playful. Hope this isn't getting old reading my stuff but nice is generally boring, I try to stay away from the real bad boys though, My stability comes from me inside I just want someone to compliment my life some things the same and some different is perfect and not boring.

  • Very important are: sense of humor, trustworthiness, being interesting to talk to.. To mention just 3:)

    • Thanks for your answer.

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