How do you know if girls/women find you attractive?

I get quite a bit of straight in the eyes look, like I'll be walking in the city and some women will look me directly in eye for longer than usual and its not like there looking becuase I'm looking at them I only look back if I notice or get the vibe that someone is looking at me.

Do you think they look becuase I'm attractive or because I'm wierd? I'm 5,11 but where I live that's tall because most guys are 5,8 or shorter so I guess I stick out like a sore thumb.

i live in aus, vic btw


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  • girls love to flirt and unless they're llooking at you with an odd look on your face then I don't think it;s because you're weird

  • Oh dear boy , girls are complicated creatures

    U can't tell by one glance

    If she flirts with you then she either likes you or she's a tease

    Sincerely, pixel

    • is'nt eye contact a sign or somtin?

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