Girls and Pilots, I do not get it?

Some of you might be able to answer this...

What is it with girls and pilots? When I am in a local bar and there is a CO or FO in there, they always leave with some one. Even the CHUD's...

When I am on a date and the girl is not intrested in me, and I throw in that I am going through flight training to get all of my ratings, her eyes will just light up, and I am a chud.

What is it? Is it the uniforms, or the occupation? Flying is not really a high paying job either, and you are gone most of the time. Well, the main lines are high, but other than that... nada.


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  • In my opinion, I'd definitely would say its the uniforms. A uniform and appearing "clean cut" can make a guy look 10x sexier.


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  • It's that goddamn hat. I don't know why it's sexy, but it is.


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  • Any man in a position of power, a position of leadership, or simply being looked at by a bunch of people is attractive to women.

    Even a bartender gets laid like a rock star, simply because he's in a position of power and everyone is looking at him.

    It has nothing to do with the uniforms. He could be wearing a garbage bag with a badge on it that said "im a retard" and he would still be hot.

  • Money, power, perceptions...

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