Crossdressing help me?

Ok girls and other cross dressers and drag queens I need help looking more like a girl like to the point were you can't tell I am a guy. So any tips on clothes, make up or any thing would be vary helpful so haw should I look? And girls what you think of straight or bisexual men who crossdressers?


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  • My uncle used to do drag all the time and he looked amazing as a woman! He swears by MAC makeup, and also Cover FX.. Cover FX is great for foundation because it's made to help cover people with problematic skin like acne, so it helps hide your stubble shadiness on your face.

    just type cover fx in google to go to their website.

    Clothes, I'd say just shop where the ladies shop. Department stores are best for shoes because they often do larger size ladies shoes.

    Hope that helped!


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