Are these girls hot, sexy, attractive, average, or unattractive?

*This is a female-version spinoff from a question someone else asked on here. I thought it was interesting and I wanted to know what the results were for girls.*

QUESTION: are these girls hot, sexy, attractive, average, below average or unattractive? and can you rate each girl on a scale of 1-10 with 5 being average.

*this is a at first sight question, so it would help if you don't try to throw personality into the equation, because all it does is defeat the purpose of my question.

girl #1: if I have a average face with a great body

girl #2: if I have a good looking face with a average body

girl #3: if I have a below average(not ugly!) face with a great body

girl #4: if I have a good looking face with a super skinny body

girl #5: if I have a good looking face with a overweight(not obese) body.


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  • first of all, they are exeptions to any of these groups and I usually start my scale at of 1-10 at 1 and not 6 so it may not be the best scale

    1. I'm saying 7-10 but it really depends on how great, especially since I am more about the body

    2. 5

    3. I don't know what you mean, I would call below average ugly but if you mean not ugly and not pretty then I would say 7-9 again depends on how great the body is

    4. if super skinny mean little to no curves then but no bad fat I'd say 2-6 depends on how good the face and how much your body resembles an 10 years old, asain (as in the race) are the exemption because I have an unnatural obsession and I exspect an asian to have little to no body

    5. 1-3 depends on how much bady and how good the curves curves. if you have bad and no curves that's like a 1 again depends on the specific


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  • 1. 6/10 (unless the body is p*rnstar incredible)

    2. 7.5/10 (depends on how hot the face is)

    3. 4.5/10 (unless it's a p*rnstar body / face is only slightly below average)

    4. 2/10 (super skinny as in super anorexia? That's disgusting, 2 points only for the beauty)

    5. 5.5/10 (depending on how good the face is, and how overweight the girl is, as the girls weight increases the score goes down rapidly)

  • girl 1: 7

    girl 2: 9

    girl 3: 3

    girl 4: 1 can't stand super skinny girls

    girl 5: depending on how overweight.and the age. if the woman is in her late 20's and early 30's bigger women I consider mom size xD and that's sexy as hell. but a 18 year old girl with the exact same body, not attractive at all.

  • 1) 6, averageish

    2) 8, beautiful

    3) 5, average

    4) 6, averageish

    5) 9, gorgeous. although it depends how overweight you mean. A lot of really beautiful girls I've seen are just slightly overweight, but not to the point where they don't care about their body or to where they are considered fat or obese

    In terms of physical attraction, I put a lot of stock in the face, more specifically someones smile and eyes - ESPECIALLY the eyes :)

  • #1... 9 ... great body is the most attractive thing to me about a woman

    #2... 8 ... I prefer great body

    #3... 8 ... still on par with #2 because of body (was debating with going 7, though)

    #4... 5 ... skinny girls are unattractive to me

    #5... 6 ... I'd rather some over weight than skinny figure, thus higher here than above.

  • 1: average

    2: amazingly attractive

    3: average

    4: quite attractive

    5: quite attractive

    As you might have guessed, I go for pretty faces. I'm especially a sucker for beautiful eyes.

  • 1: 8

    2: 7

    3: 7

    4: 5 or 4

    5: 5 or 4

    i care about body a lot, face too but if I like the girl enough, I'll think she's pretty even if she's not, unless she's ugly.

  • 1. 8 face is important

    2. 10

    3. 6 like I said face is important.

    4. 6 super skinny girls aren't attractive.

    5. 7 I rather the girl to be a little bit overweight than super skinny

  • #1: 7

    #2: 8

    #3: 4

    #4: 4 (pretty, but not f***able)

    #5: 5

  • 1) Average.

    2) Pretty.

    3) Unattractive.

    4) Pretty.

    5) Unattractive.

    I'm a face guy myself. That's my favorite part of a girls body. Fattiness is a pretty big deal for me though.

  • 1.Sexy




    5.Attractive/Average. I'm not sure what to say because I don't know how overweight. Not obese doesn't help that much. lol

    • I struggled a bit with 5 aswell, if estimates where given on weight-height it'd be easier to comment on that one

  • 1 = 8

    2 = 7

    3 = 7

    4 = 5 (dont like SUPER skinny)

    5 = 7

  • girl #1: 7

    girl #2: 8

    girl #3: 3

    girl #4: 3

    girl #5: 3

  • #1 - 6

    #2 - 8

    #3 - 4

    #4 - 7

    #5 - 5

    • Exchange 3 & 5's ratings for me and that'd be my answer aswell.

  • girl #1: if I have a average face with a great body


    girl #2: if I have a good looking face with a average body

    10, hair style plays important factor

    girl #3: if I have a below average(not ugly!) face with a great body

    If the face being below average has a certain natural appeal that I can appreciate, hair style having a large impression, 10, otherwise 8.

    girl #4: if I have a good looking face with a super skinny body

    Skinny is not attractive to me, 2.

    girl #5: if I have a good looking face with a overweight(not obese) body.

    Depends entirely upon how form is fit. Can't give a number because genetics and it's contribution to a woman's individual form as expressed by her filling out can change a lot of things.

  • It's difficult to rate 1-10 without seen bodies and faces, but given a choice from the 5 girls you have listed...girl number 1. A great body is more important to me than a great face since I'm going to spend most of my time with my face on her breasts or between her legs.

    (note: girl 1 and 3 are identical, except for face. You should change that. Perhaps give girl 3 a spectacular 10 body?)

  • 1: 8 hot

    2: 7 attractive

    3: 7 sexy

    4: 6 attractive

    5: 4 below average or 5 average (depends on how overweight)

  • girl #1: 7(body compensates for average face but its not the best combo lol)

    girl #2: 7.5(typical pretty face girl, 7.5 is a nice avg. for me)

    girl #3: 6.5(face means a lot to me... its what you see ALL the time and if I can't appreciate it then what is really the point in being with that girl)

    girl #4: 9(the girl I like is pretty skinny (like105lbs.) and just f***ing beautiful in the face lol :p I like her a looot but mostly for her personality and her laugh, and her eyes and etccccc, I give her a 9.5 to be fair)

    girl #5: 6(not attracted to girls bigger than me tbh... :/


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  • im into chicks (yay bisexuality :D) and honestly it varies for me. I think in general, I might focus more on body because I can just see beauty in a lot of peoples faces. face is ultimately my focus but I'm just not super picky about it. I like really nice big pretty eyes with long eye lashes though. lol I like eyes.

    Being ridiculously gorgeous in the face is great but its not really important for me. However, if you're too skinny or too fat...that could be a prob for intimacy and me being sexually attracted to you. granted, I like chubby girls and bigger girls who can hold their weight well or are taller. there's definitely a line though. I'm pickier with guys though. I don't think I could go for a really chubby guy at first sight. I'm not so into skinny chicks at first sight. I like some but generally I like curves better. I mean some girls just look so pubescent to me but tons of guys will think they are hot so everyone sees things differently. If I see a very pretty super skinny girl I can appreciate her beauty but I might not have the same sexual attraction at first sight that I will more likely have with a curvy girl. It depends on the person though. Some skinny chicks are hot. Personality changes everything but you said at first sight so yeah.

    And I don't sit around rating people so, no, but here's the most attractive to least attractive for me.

    1. Average face with great body (for me that means really curvy). perfect.

    2. Good looking face with an overweight but not obese body. Great.

    3. Good looking face with an average body. Pretty good.

    4. Below average but not ugly face with a great body (curvy curvy lol) It's cool boo. I'll do your makeup.

    5. Good looking face with a super skinny body. Eh, not my style but maybe her personality's good.

    this is kind of off considering everyones perception of beauty is different. whatever an "average" face is supposed to be can be vastly different across the board depending on whos looking. same with what a good looking face is. Same with "great body," "average body," and so on. I can't count the times I've heard one person say "damn she's hot" and their friend will say "eh. she's okay. not really my type." that's how the story goes kid.

    I think this would be more effective if you narrowed it down specifically with pictures. to show people what you mean when you say great body, average face, etc.

    in general, if a guy can see beauty in different types of faces by default, he might just focus more on body types. however if a guy is really picky about faces he won't care as much about body types. some guys don't have a standard and go with the flow. others are picky about both

  • you will most likeley find if you compare the results that men are biased towards attractive bodies whereas women are biased towards attractive faces

    • that makes sense because when I answered the guy's version of this question, I preferred guys with attractive faces over attractive bodies. the slightly overweight guy with the really attractive face would be more attractive to me than a guy with a fit body and a below avg face

    • I disagree. I've always been a "face guy", myself. I'm a sucker for a pretty face.

  • Ok, #2 at first siht...