If average looking girls think I'm ugly and good looking girls think I'm hot, does that make me ugly?

Since good looking girls go after ugly guys and from what I've noticed good looking girls seem to show interest in me and I carry no self confidence at all. I dress in kinda skater clothes and walk with a slight hunched back all the time because I got social anxiety.


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  • It means you're attracted to the type of person you find beautiful and they are attracted to you, that's it. Things will work out, just try not to over-think things or worry too much. As for having social anxiety, I'm in the same boat, just put more focus on whoever you're talking to, let them do most of the talking, most girls love talking and good listeners anyways, just try to figure out when to occasionally give a bit of feedback to what they are talking about and things will go better than just well. Hope this helps, and a slight hunch doesn't make you ugly, nor do skater clothes, I used to skate when I was in elementary school, but carried the style on through high school, just more comfortable, went a bit less baggy to get a cleaner look, but it's still a comfortable style for me.

    Again just try not to worry about it too much things will work out.

    • it's not like the beauty in the eye of beholder thing, it's that these girls are really attractive there the kind of girls you would think to see in playboy or somtin I just don't go after them because I think there expecting somthing of me I don't have or can do

    • Then your mindset is wrong, you're making judgments about them without having put any effort into getting to know them. You'll never know if you're right if you never put yourself out there.

  • There's some faulty logic there if ever I saw some lol. All based on an incorrect premise.

    Sweeping generalizations aside :-

    Good looking girls do not go after ugly guys or looks for that matter. They go after personality traits. Therefore ugly guys must have stronger personality traits. We could suppose they developed these having to rely on personality more than looks.

    The hotter girls are the more attuned they are to the right personality traits. If good looking girls think you're hot then that means they're reading those personality traits out of the way you carry yourself. What you perceive as no confidence and social anxiety, they probably perceive as aloof and having a not impressed by them attitude. In attraction psychology "less" is often "more". WIth less people fill in the gaps themselves, make assumptions.

    Average girls possibly having self-esteem issues, lacking confidence, causes them to be less attuned to personality traits and more concerned with appearances/looks. Something like that.