I can't figure out how to approach this girl in the "correct" way?

There is a girl in my physics class this semester. We've made eye contact periodically throughout the semester. I've always found her very attractive, but assumed she had a boyfriend or was talking to guys because she's in a sorority and always talking to the same few guys in class. However, I've figured out, or at least I'm hoping that the guys I see are just friends. I recently saw her out at a restaurant and she waved and motioned to me. I saw her at the movies last weekend, so I used that as an excuse to go talk to her. She seemed really friendly and interested when we spoke. I work at the movies also, so I threw in that I may could get her in for free into the conversation and she seemed fairly interested. I'm wanting to ask her out but not sure how to approach it. I'm wanting to be casual but assert myself in that I'd like a relationship, and not to put me in "friend mode." I'm a bit hesitant now for one because it's so late in the semester but I'd like to do it while I have the chance. Any thoughts?


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  • please bro do me a favor and just ask her out asap. invite her to an upcoming event or something. try to get her number and text/call her periodically. I was in your shoes a few months ago but I was too hesitant and she ended up losing interest. all the interests I saw in her eyes when we first began talking are now non existent so you have to be hurry because she won't wait...