Missing the romance in a relationship; looking for something fun, but pretty difficult.

I'm not completely looking for a set in stone, 'I Love You' kind of relationship, but its get lonely and its kind of nice to have someone just to be intimate with. But just because I think this way, does it mean I am just in it for sex? Because I'm not, I just want to have fun, but maybe I'm miss interpreting this fun as sex sex sex? Is there something that I am doing wrong to give guys the wrong impression? I keep going out with men who are either completely sensitive and don't do anything for me, as in they just don't know how to have fun or be some what charming...or a douche bag who only likes me for my body. I know its game, and it takes time. Just looking for a mans opinion. Anything I could do to better this situation? Thanks advice is appreciated.

Its not so much sex I am after, just some good romantic times. I am looking for a nice relationship but until I find someone who is worth it fun is what I am looking for.


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  • My of my girl friends are in exactly the same situation as you. Guys seem to come in 2 flavors either the nice guy boring type or douche. It sounds like you are looking for fun, but not with just someone who sees you for your looks/body, you're looking for sex with someone you have an actual connection with. Even if the connection is not love. Congratulations, you are a perfectly normal female :). Unfortunately the guy you're looking for is hard to find, go figure haha. I mean the sensitive guys will be a boring f***, and the douches might be better, but the excitement will be short-lived. (sources: my female friends who have been through the same thing)


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  • You want to go where romantic men go, foreign movies, plays, bookstores. Join reading clubs, not the women's ones...go to lectures. I always look around at such events, and I'm married!

    Hey, you want romantic...

  • you're in it for sex or you're a coward who fears commitment.

    • I don't fear commitment at all, the right guy just hasn't came along yet.

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    • Yeah I shouldn't have said that part. I do want a loving relationship actually, that's why I'm missing really. Eh my point was fuzzy in that question.

    • i didn't think this through. I think what you really want is the attention.

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