Clean body BUT how?

ok I'm Not that hairy, but I want a nice clean look still.what do these hollywood actresses like Jessica Alba or Eva Longoria do to their body that shows not even a single hair and that makes their body looks sexier?if I wax the whole body, that's money and more pain to bare:(.what do I do? I'm embarrassed to show off my body.please help:(


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  • They may not use paraffin wax; they might do something called "sugaring." Google the phrase "sugar wax hair removal," or something like it, and also search for the same thing on YouTube. There are bikini wax salons who use a homemade sugar + lemon juice + water mixture that sticks to hairs for removal. That mixture is basically what Nad's is.

    There is a wax salon technician who is giving a demonstration on "sugaring" on YouTube. She says you don't need to be 100% bald. You can just opt for a small landing strip; it doesn't necessarily have to be as thin as your pinky finger.

    You don't necessarily have to pay for a salon visit. You can make you own water + sugar + lemon juice concoctions at home (I don't know how much of each ingredient so you will have to experiment). And you can just watch how the technician does it on YouTube and copy her.

    I am almost embarrassed to admit that I know so much about feminine things like this. But I want to understand women, so in order to do that I should know such things about their lives (including feminine hygiene topics like this one). I just don't want women to be a mystery to me. Because one day I hope to live with one and I don't want any surprises.

    • Too good to be true..impressive:) thanks and I like your positive thinking about women and wanting to know them..knowing your own women this way is the best thing on earth..goodluck man:)

    • I didn't even know that lol. You should get the best answer

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  • Just to add my opinion.

    It is a medical fact that a woman produces pheromones from her armpits, and I have found that a woman who DOES NOT comply with the "social norm" of shaving/waxing (or whatever else) their armpits actually produce a higher level of pheromones; to the extent that pre and during sex these pheromones are a HUGE aphrodisiac and as a result increase both partners sexual experience.

    However, a woman that does shave/ wax etc. actually "hardens" the skin of the armpit, which in turn reduces the release of these natural pheromones.

    I actually have a wealth of information on this topic, with actual experiences and "studies" and anyone who is interested can add me as a friend here and I can then share these with you.

    Or you can E-mail me on

  • Do like all photomodels: use Photoshop. Results guaranteed!

  • i like hairy woman, natural is the best.

    • From what I've read so far (I've remembered you from your avatar) you seem to like everything! xD

      ...Now that being said...I think it's just darn cute! hehe ;P

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    • Just outta curiosity why do you like hairy?

    • Why do I like hairy?? because it trun me on. and it is my choice.

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  • okay, many people don't understand the pain and money these stars sacrifice for heir bodies. It is all makeup, (I have seen plenty of stars in person) professional make up artists can make anyone look attractive (ive seen it done) but if you really want to know, then I will tell you.

    You can get rid of facial hair with waxing or threading. Waxing is probably cheaper, but sometimes it really hurts (well that's what people say)

    Shaving your legs is important, just make sure you moisturize. Even if you dontshave your legs very often, if you are moisturized it will improve the appearance. Also try and shave with a new razor as much as possible and don't press too hard. people say to shave in the direcion of the hair, but not for your legs. Shaving your knees is important, but thighs not so much. unless you are wearing short skirts, it won't show (unless your getting a little more personal with someone. HAHAH) and if you know you won't be showing your legs to anyone important or maybe not at all (winter perhaps) then don't shave! the less you shave, the softer your legs are when you DO shave. plus the hair won't grow ack as fast. Razor burn happens also when you don't moisturize. (VERY IMPORTANT!) if you want to feel more comfortable, then use a self tanner like a slow glow. It will last longer and you will like the efects better.

    Hope I helped!

    and if you have any other questions just message me I love to talk also!



  • OMG! It's called PHOTOSHOP! Noone's perfect.just learn to love yourself the way you are!

    • Yea I know its photoshop girl, but I've also seen their party long gowns or dresses at red carpet..with sexy hairless body..thats what my whole point they won't photoshop each and every real life pics too now would they?:(

    • Hahaha xD

      YES, they would!

      The only pics that are not photoshoped are the ones that paparazzi managed to take and didn't get caught or bought so the 'cool publicists' can manage to 'correct' even those pics, so the public would stay in a state of perpetual dark!

      When you see 'a star' in person...then judge! Pictures are not to be trusted!

  • wax! trust me its worth it and if you dnt want to spend to much money buy it yourself and have a friend do it. you dnt have to worry about shaving and you dnt feel so pricaly

  • Using hair removal prducts I guess. I don't really like using shaving because it sometimes leaves bumps and that's worst. I use Nair but I'm not so happy with it, the hair comes back in days.

  • It's gotta be hard for them to remove every hair on their body. I know I have trouble. And I am sure they DON'T do it. They probably have very light short hair. My arm hair is barely there. People always tell me I have the less noticable arm ahir anyone has ever seen. it is really short and really blonde. When someone takes a picture with a camera, it isn't going to show the hairs. They might shave their arm hair or something. But unless you have seen them up close in person, there is no way to know for sure if they remove all their body hair or if it is just really short and light,

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