Is smiling/being funny really that important?

people have told me I'm a very funny person but for a while now I've just been a quiet and reserved person. I started being like this because I felt no one took me seriously before.

well I started smiling at girls now especially if like theyre at work or I'm at work so its like flirting sorta.

what other tips would you give me here?


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  • well, being funny is quite important, we like guys who we can joke around with especially if you want a long term thing. But flrting at work? Try picking one girl, (we girls gossip about guys at work all the time and we always know, we hate players) and start giving her little clues. This dude works in my opposite cubicle and we didn't talk alot, but I started getting these anomenous post its when ever I got in to my cubicle either from a break or doing an errand. They said things like your beautiful, I love what your wearing etc all compliments that made me smile. After about a week he started talking to me doing my errands and making me tea I felt really special. He always smiled when he saw me and we used to play footsies under the desk, in meeting he's text me rude and dirty things. We had a fling and it was hot and short (in the office everyone went home) and now we are really great friends with benefits. HOPE THIS WORKS


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