Will he ever realize I actually do care? Bitter break-up :(

Okay so here's the story. My boyfriend & I dated for 2 1/2 years, which besides the few things that led to the break-up were absolutely wonderful. Back in '08 I had found out he had "sexted" (post tiger woods sexting era) some girl he used to work with about the color of her underwear, which upset me beyond belief. Although we never got to talk about it properly so I'd feel better about everything I looked past it. Not talking about it and keeping it in was probably THE worst thing we could have ever done for our r-ship. It resulted in a couple outbursts on my end (of course while drinking was involved...), but besides that things were great! He always used to say "no worried - water under the bridge". Well this past summer he did it... again! This time with his good friend whom I was quote close with. And the idiot I am or let's say lovestruck person I am didn't break up with him. Well the outbursts got worse and we have since broken up (he breaking up with me). Today actually marks 2 months. Everything aside I am still extremely devastated :( And here is where my question comes in: Do you think he will ever reach out to reconcile (as friends) as we have been going through a bitter breakup together. I made the mistake of still contacting him to see how he was doing - his bro's friend passed away, his g-ma is sick and he just found out he may have epilepsy. I genuinely care about him and his family and didn't see anything wrong with it, but he didn't like that I reached out so often and informed me to "leave him alone". We definitely both exchanged some mean words about one another in the heat of the moment and now he basically hates me :0/ I wish I could just accept that and move on, but I'm one of the people who hates to go to sleep angry or upset with someone. I wish he'd realize I do truly care about him as he told me I don't in one of our heated text convos. Oh yea might I add he broke up with me via text and would NEVER pick up the phone afterward as if we were back in high-school and had only dated a week. He says he's "trying to figure out the rest of his life", but not sure why he can't lemme know how his g-ma is, etc... Oh and lemme add (last thing promise!) he had told people that he knows he'll never meet someone who loves him as much as me OR whom he loves as much as he did me in case that makes this even more confusing for'ya to help answer.

So sorry for the lengthy message, but had this all on my chest and wanted to give the full deets. Any advice from girls or guys would be amazing.


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  • well, no one answered yet.

    Anyways, if he wants to move on then I think you should move on. If he is not into you or the relationship and you are just too "lovestruck" to see it then I think you just need more time to reevaluate the relationship and realize he is not fully committed to you.

    I understand you probably miss him and care for him, that you want him back... but I don't think he is treating you right and being understanding of your feelings at all. Besides, he's the one that is "sexting" which is sex texting?

    But I think you need to go out, find some new guy and realize you don't need a cheater or someone you can't trust in your life.

    good luck