Why is he not asking me out already?

i've been talking to this guy for nearly six months now and we're good friends, we have a lot of banter and do the whole flirting thing a lot. two nights ago, at a party after a play we were both in, we got together in a room in the house the party was at. we ended up falling asleep together and woke up, got a bit busy, then spooned for about an hour while snoozing.

so far, so good, right?

wrong. because I have his jumper and he has my shoes (long story, the jumper smelt good and he joked that my shoes smelt good so kept them) so we have to see each other soon, but he didn't text me today, although he sent a couple yesterday. I've hardly talked to him but we have a lot of mutual friends and they're all encouraging us to go out.

what to do! I'm good friends with his best friend and he has told me to back off a little, not speak unless spoken to for a couple of days, just because the guy I'm after likes to chase girls a bit.

but I don't know whether he'll think it's not worth it, even though we had an amazing night together and clearly have chemistry?



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  • He's not asking you out because he isn't. Who knows why, but he isn't and you should pay strong attention to that. So, it sounds like you had sex ("got a bit busy") or something along those lines. Sorry, but a guy doesn't need to have love or strong feelings for a girl to have sex with her. He only needs physical attraction. I don't see anything coming of this and I would avoid sex with him again or risk falling even harder for him than you probably already are. A guy who wants to date and is comfortable with a girl, will ask her out.

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