So I went in for the kill, I approached him, now what?

...after a long eye contact battle that went on for several weeks lol, he smiled a few times blah blah so i went up to him and I initiated and then when he was done talking I simply turned around and said see you around and walked away, saw him a few times after that. but he didn't approach me,just looked at me twice raised his eyebrows smiled, and went on with himself, what gives?


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  • Many people become ritualistic with their daily routines and find it incredibly difficult to step out of their perpetual circuit. Most of the time it's just very uncomfortable, so instinct tells him or her to continue doing what they already know is safe... in this case, he instinctively keeps walking because he knows he can get home sooner, hang out, relax, and feel secure. By stopping and talking to you, this changes everything. Suddenly he is out of his comfort zone and his daily schedule is thrown off.

    You are doing the correct thing by initiating conversation, don't be discouraged. You have to be consistent so he recognizes your encounters as a significant variable in his routine. Whether or not he is even interested is another matter entirely.


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