What does it mean when a guy makes eye contact with a girl more than once?

this guy, who's 2 years older makes eye contact with me occasionally in the hallways (im too scared to look sometimes tho, in case he thinks I like him or something) I mean he's hot and all but I don't want him to think anything because he might just be looking to see if I'm looking at him... Anyway, this one time he was walking out of the school library and I was walking in the opposite direction. He looks at me, glances away quickly (like a second) then looks back at me and we make eye contact again (then he just looks away quickly). Like what could that mean? if anything at all... Does he think I'm a creep? Do guys make eye contact at a girl who they think is ugly or creepy?


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  • It probably means his interested in you. But nothing more! It doesn't mean he wants to be your boyfriend or play out a scene from a romance novel with you. Just that he's interested; you're pretty enough to look at and he spotted you on his radar. But if what you say is true, (him making and breaking eye contact with you quickly) he sounds like a wuss; this type of eye movement is the sign of submission in the animal world as well in the human world. If you're NOT into him then tell him straight out, (if he approaches you), and let him deal with any weird side issues that arise in his head. If you are into him than let the tango begin! By the way, since you're both young don't expect it to be rainbows and sunshine, sounds like you both have some learning to do, see what happens and chalk it up to learning experience if things don't go so well.


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  • 1. He could be checking you out.

    2. He may be trying to see if you were eyeing him first.

    3.Looking is good...if he likes u

    he may be shy...and really can't to anything else but look

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