Describe your perfect girl?

Basically, put all the traits (physical and characteristic) your perfect/dream girl would have.


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  • first of all every guys dream girl is different, simply because we are attracted to different things, sometimes drastically different things.

    with that said, MY dream girl would first have to be attractive..

    i would say as attractive as I would rate myself at. I don't know if I would be able to date a perfect model, as I would be constantly worrying about making myself look perfect as well.

    I like a curvy woman, I would say a full C, and definitely not a flat a**.

    she would be tall, but not taller then me if she wore heals. also she would have to be athletic, play some kind of sport, and take care / have pride in the way she looks. her hair would be long, color doesn't really matter, as I find that most girls change their hair color from time to time anyway. plus I love tan skin, almost Spanish.

    Ok... so now that she is looking good, she needs to be able to present herself, but not in an over the top matter. she would need to be able to relax on a Sunday afternoon in a baggy t-shirt, and a pony tail, but at the same time, if we were going on to the club or another high class location, she would need to be able to go all the way... have amazing hair, and makeup, as well as keep a collection of stunning outfits to ware.

    so for personally I could type forever...

    but for the basics, she would first of all need to be confident where she stands in life, and not put up with sh*t of any kind. this displays confidence and is very attractive. she would of course need to like many of the things I like, drinking on occasion, meeting new people, getting an education, being successful, being busy at times.. etc... she would also need to be definitely outgoing, and social. this is to say that she is comfortable in any social environment, and generally knows how to talk and meet new people. She should definitely know how to let loose when the time is right, including know how to dance the hell out of the dance floor.

    and for the final section, there is always sex..

    most of this would be more appropriate for the sexuality section of this site, but the PG version would just be a very fun and experienced (but clean) girl in the bed room, who is always interested in learning and trying new things.

    so that pretty much sums it up, of course there is much more, but there are also a lot of things I don't even know I like yet, and maybe I will find it in the next girl I meet...

    good luck finding your dream partner.


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  • Intelligent, kind, loving, loyal, and the most important is that she just likes me for who I am.

  • Appreciates me.


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