Ugly girls, what to do?

I'm one of those girls, those "rare" girls who seem to have everything wrong with them.

I am not thin, nor fat. I have small breasts. A column girl. I have thick thighs and no bum. I'm not pretty either. Absolutely nothing positive about my self.

Now what are girls like me supposed to do? There really aren't any redeeming features of myself and I am working out to get thinner, but my thighs are just fat.

I know I'll never attract any guy and I do love androgyny...


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  • I'm gonna tell you something you may or may not have heard before. If you are looking for just sex or a fling or a FWB situation then that's where your looks are going to be considered more. If you want a real relationship then it's your personality that will shine the most, whether you're attractive or not. Someone's personality really does make them much more attractive. Even if you are ugly (I'm not saying that you are) a wonderful personality can make you so much more attractive. I have been attracted to not so attractive girls because they had great personalities, which in turn made them look more physically attractive.

    Now, I'm sure you are not ugly at all and the right guys will not care about the size of your breasts, the size of your bum or whether you're fat or thin. The right guys will want to be with you because of your mind and personality, as well as your looks. I'm sure you have features which make you stand out. Everyone has something about them. And it's true when people say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Just because you think low of yourself it doesn't mean other people do.

    You just need to work on your confidence. Confidence also makes someone that much more attractive. Every girl is beautiful in her own special way, INCLUDING YOU!


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  • okay here is the thing stop thinking that your arn't pretty because that is not helping yourself

    if you keep thinking negative thoughts it will only end up hurting yourself

    so first work on getting the bad thoughts away little by little

    after your mind is set start looking for what makes you special and what your posetive features are if its not looks (can't say since I don't know how you look ) then use your intelligence and personallity

    also looking for a boyfriend your properly not going to find him and that hasn't anything to do with you but ussually when I find a person to date it was because I stopped looking


    belive in yourself

    the most important thing is NOT if your find one

    thrust me the most important is to feel good about yourself

    when you start thinking possetive and feel good about yourself

    also don't put too much into what people think about looks because looks is overrated

    ill rather go out with a girl that has personallity than looks :)

  • You know what they say, You are Beautiful in your own way! and me personally likes a girl who is true to her heart and don't think she's better than everyone else! keep your head up because you never know who you'll meet some1 special, also like you I have low self of steam (I can tell from the way you put yourself down on here) and its painfull I know? but the truth is People don't know what there missing out on! keep your head up and Enjoy life

  • You probably aren't ugly. A picture would help. Androgyny?

    • Androgyny is seemingly genderles, ie looks like it could either be male or female/sexless.

  • I'll go out with you. Where you live?


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  • Haha. I believe the saying "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". I'm very thankful that I'm average and it seems like you are too. Honestly, there is a guy out there who will think you are pretty hot. You're in the category where guys won't like you because of your looks or first impression. The best category though, because you'll get a genuine guy who sees you for who you are. You won't have to deal with the issues of "Oh he's dating me because of my looks" or "Oh he's dating me because I'm outgoing". The guy for you will say "I'm dating her because she has everything I want in a girl." The same thing happened to me. I'm not outwardly pretty, nor do I have an outgoing personality. Even some of my friends said that on first impression they thought I was snobby. But they became my best friends because they told me that once they got to know me, my eccentric personality and my laughing-at-everything attitude was contagious. That's how I developed my close friends. The same with my boyfriend. He also describes me to be eccentric but he loves it because he shy and introverted and I complete what he doesn't have. And I'm average for sure, I tell him most of the time, but he insists I'm hot and that he doesn't care what anyone else says (rolling eyes! hehe...I tell him he's wrong, but secretly I LOVE that he finds me hot). Do NOT worry, you're in the best category and you'll really get a great guy!

    • Thanks for the words :) I'm so happy for you! Great reply. I guess I have a lot more going for me than I thought.

  • Trust me. There is someone out there that thinks you are hot. I don't know anyone who no one would give a second look at and I know some people that would rate themselves pretty low. One way to attract men is not by how you look but how you show yourself or your confidence. Honestly, I'm not the best looking girl out there, but my huge hips give me some amazing curves and I know that my personality is banging so I know anyone would be lucky to have me. If you don't have this attitude, that they would be so lucky, you are likely to fall for some douche who makes you feel as though you owe him for dating someone like you. No. Eff that. You are probably super amazing. Just believe in yourself. There is more to you than physcial appearance. (Besides, even with a "column girl" you can still have amazing eyes, lips, smile, a cute laugh, ect... give guys more credit than t*ts and ass)

    • My facial structure pretty much sucks, so I don't have much going for me. Trying to work on personality, but that's very difficult. I'm very serious and introverted.

      Thank you for the encouragement :D

      On another note, I love your banana icon :)