Preppy look? Or skater gangster punk mix weird sh*t look?

I used to love how I dressed but I don't see it being as popular anymore...I love wearing a nice pair of 7 jeans with a v-neck sweater and button down shirt underneath hahaha its the look I've always loved

The girls used to love it in high school because all the other guys would wear skater sh*t...but now it seems like the girls are more into the younger guy kinda skater look...ya know the white nikes with a fitted hat and a v-neck t-shirt its like a huge mix between gangster skater and punk...i Just don't like it.

I still like tommy hillfiger and ralph lauren ya know clothes like that...but DO YOU GIRLS LIKE IT?


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  • I love the preppy look. :)


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  • sorry never really been a fan of the preppy look :( definitely not this weird new emo craze your talking about either but popped polos and fitted shirts make me cringe

  • I like the preppy look, I also love the men's Japanese style *^_^*

    • HAHAHAHA WTF! the huge colored hair with giant nikes, skinny jeans, and like 4 diff. hoodies with a military jacket, and like a million colored bracelets? F THAT!

    • What? no, that's the a weird style, who told you that?

      What I meant was something like this, kinda...


  • Oh definitely stick with the preppy. I think it's the hottest style on guys. It shows that you're clean cut and put together! That's definitely a good thing :]

  • preppy for sure ;)

  • well you gotta change your look every time

    maybe they are bored of your preppy look

    n maybe you shld experiment

    see what's in fashion

    never hurts to keep oneself updated in fashion

    because your clothes define your personality

    u dun wanna make people think tht you are not ready for a change do u?

    if you keep changing people will think you are confident,,spontaneous

    so if one day you are wearin a buttondown shirt with a sweater ... keep it fr normal days and on some occasion where you are required to dress decently . like if you give a sppech or presentation

    if you go to a rock club or concert please dun wear em . be more rock starish . wear pink floyd , nirvana tees

    and maybe get a tattoo

    n it doesn't hurt to experiment with clothes

    you mite jus be a fashion god if you dress appropriately

    see what's in and what's out

    but follow your heart 80%


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