Question for guys about makeup?

I have heard that guys don't like it when girls wear lots of make up (i.e. Foundation, concealer, things like that.) Is this true? I have never worn foundation in my life, I only wear eye make up but I was just wondering if it's true that guts don't like it. I have heard guys talk about seeing girls without make up and how ugly it is. So makeup or no makeup? (:


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  • Make-up, long painted nails, dyed hair... it is a turn off for me. I feel like the girl is trying to cover up something, that she is insecure. I feel like I am being sold something cheap...

    I suppose I like girls who use none or minimum of cosmetics and just stay natural, not trying to impress anyone or get attention. They are already good looking without any "patch work".

    But that's just me.

    There is a story I happened to be a part of. A female friend of mine was complaining to me how every guy she tries to hook up with never seems to see who she really is. They always treat her like there is nothing special about her or treat her like she is someone else. So I told her:

    "Jane, go up to the mirror and tell me who you see."

    She looked over herself and said:

    "Well, I am wearing very stylish clothes, the latest trend, my hair is dyed blond and I am wearing some lipstick and other make-up."

    "Now, knowing what you look like, what would an average person think of you?" "Well... they would say that I am probably the party type and that I like to listen to Indie and I like to hang out with lots of people and go places."

    So I said "OK, now tell me what kind of a person you REALLY ARE, the inner side you want people to notice."

    "Well, I am intelligent, I like to read books and I love going for a quiet walk in the park. I also like soothing piano instrumental music and I would love to live in Nepal." I smirked, laughed and said: "Now, do you see the difference? People try to put on different clothes, go with the trend to show style, to show their identity, to show who they really are. But what they don't understand is that by going with the trend they usually end up looking like... everybody else. They hide their own personality. Compared to who you really are, you dress like a completely different person. People judge you by the way you look whether you want it or not, and when a guy approaches you he expects to see the "party type girl" and not the "romantic intelligent girl". Now, you think about that, and for the next week try to dress up as a girl you really are."

    She thanked me, and that is exactly what she did. Turns out, her "real self" looks like... an average "nice girl", dresses in ordinary clothes, but with unique style. She wears no make-up, her hair is chocolate brown (wow, I never knew!) and for her "average style" looks she looks... absolutely stunning. I won't lie, my heart skipped a few beats.

    In 1st year physics class there was this one average-looking girl... She was allergic to make-up and always thought she had no style so she wore just a simple shirt, skirt, nothing fancy. You wouldn't believe how much attention she received from guys, the "nice, smart, intelligent, honest" type. I can't really tell you why, but I always found my eyes looking in her direction. Couldn't help it. One day I ended up talking to her and we started going out the next day.. She is most amazing person I've ever met... But that's another story.


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  • All we want is a real girl.

    The fake hair is enough. I mean yeah a FEW touch ups to brighten your eyes is cute, but we don't want to be having emotions for plastic and fake hair, you might as well be a new doll idea for Barbie.

    Sorry if I came off a bit harsh but if you're going to wear Hollywood make-up you better not get caught with it off, especially when you know you're beat.

    You girls would understand as well if every guy around you looked like Taylor Launter or Bradd Britt but then ended up to look like some random unemployed jerk-off.


  • i couldn't give a sh*t about makeup one way or the other.

  • Zero make up is the best, if I wanted to see a clown I'd go to the circus.


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  • Last time I checked,Maxim and Playboy received no complaints.

    No,hell guys even go for cake faces even though they claim to like it all "natural"

    • Lol, are you aware of WHY men look through these magazines? I am not a fan, but when I do browse through I never expect to actually have anything to do with these women in real life. Maybe it is just me, but I always go for that "natural", "nice girl" type. Hot women are nice, great for having fun with, going to parties, impressing friends, but when it comes down to finding a girl for a long term... they just don't qualify. And then again, looks wear off with age, but your personality stays.

    • Yea,guys don't care about personality and I have nothing against those mags.But again,they receive no complaints

  •'re wrong. Guys like natural looking makeup that doesn't make you look like a clown, prostitute or dorito.