Why is what guys opinion on makeup so important?

It seems like there's a question every day about what guys think of makeup. If they like it natural. What they think of girls that wear it. And I can't help but wonder why it's so important. Why won't this question ever die out?

If you wear makeup and like to do so then do it! If that's who you are then it is. If you find out that guys don't like makeup, is that gna make you stop wearing it completely? Most likely no.

I just don't understand why this question keeps on getting asked.


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  • Because girls always care how guys perceive them physically. It's natural to want to look good and attract a mate.

    I agree with you, it's each girl's personal choice to wear makeup or not. For me, it's more like art, getting to experiment with different looks and find which style works best for you - what compliments your eyes, face, lips, cheeks the best.

    It keeps on getting asked because girls can't distinguish between guy pretty and girl pretty. Guy pretty is either no makeup (if you have good skin) or natural looking makeup which helps cover blemishes, uneven skin and just subtly enhances your features without making you look like you have your face painted on like a clown, prostitute or oompa loompa

    If I had a dime for every time I posted an answer regarding makeup...

    • haha I'm sure u'd b pretty rich. I agree with what you said completely.

      I just think that if a girl wears makeup, then she should keep on doing it if that's what she likes. And asking a guy is kinda pointless, because they can't exactly distinguish between different amounts of makeup unless it's drastic. I mean they say they want a natural looking girl, but most of the time the girls that they find attractive are the ones wearing makeup lol guys are pretty confused when it comes to makeup lol

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    • Yep. I'm not ever going to change for a guy.

    • Thanks for best answer. :)

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  • Because people don't take the time to read other questions before asking their own.

    I don't truly mind, even if it IS a tad annoying. Having someone answer your question specifically to you makes you feel special in one way or another. So I can't really blame them. Either way, it's more points and more songs from iTunes. Huhzaah!

    • lol lol huhzaah :p

      It's not that I mind, more that I wanna know why they feel the need to ask this question all the time. I wear makeup and if a guy doesn't like it then .. well he doesn't. His opinion isn't going to change the way I do something like my makeup. But that's just me o.0

    • Well, not many people are as comfortable with themselves as you may be. I'm not saying you're conceited, but I would assume that there are three types of people that come to this site.

      1.) People who need help.

      2.) People who give help.

      3.) Trolls.

      I find that it works best to help them achieve this level of comfortability without becoming a prestigious asshole about it, but often that line is crossed.

      All in all, and in a nutshell to your question:


  • its not important what so ever... no real man gives a sh*t about a girl's minor flaws.. only shallow loser douch bags ... make up is for women to enhance the way they feel about themselves as far as I'm concerned :)

  • Because they are -not- applying the makeup because "that's how they express themselves", they apply makeup because they believe that others will accept them more if they do. Therefore they care if they were wrong about their beliefs.

  • my philosophy on makeup is if you are gonna wear once in front of me, you should wear it ALL the time. If not, don't ever wear it around me.

    Its not fair to literally put on a false face to attract a guy and then take down the cover and expect a warm reception

    Im partial to eye liner, because I see eyes as a predominant feature, but all other make up should be thrown I the rubbish bin

  • i think if they had a class for doing make up every girl should have to take it. some girls just fail miserably at doing their make up and other girls know how to rock it out. the key is to knowing what colors to use and know how to use them. I tihnk if they had a class where they taught this to girls it would help them out greatly. now I'm not putting girls down in any way. this may sound bad over all but I think its just due to women not knowing how to apply make up properly or using the colors that fit there skin tone best. then, on the other hand I think that there are some make up colors that should never exist. that of course doenst help. I'm not sure blue sparkly make up goes well with any skin tone. I'm no fashion pro and I don't claim to be but that's just my opinion on women and using make up. I personally can't match my jeans to a sweater. I think they should try to teach a little about fashion. it might help out a bit.

    • I agree with you 100% .. some girls wear crazy colors and don't have any business wearing them. I for one would never wear bright blue eyeshadow, but some girls do. Some girls just think that they think that wearing a pound of makeup looks good and are set in their ways. hopefully they'll get some sense knocked into them :p

    • i think it should be mandatory, just like it should be mandatory for a guy to know how to change a tire or change their oil. to many "men" can't even put a spare on a car or do their own oil. its mind boggling to me lol. thank you for understanding though, before I have brought this up people get offended. I'm never sure why. math is mandatory, language classes are mandatory. gym class is mandatory. why not beauty or fashion or whatever class? why not how to change a tire class lol?

    • lol why would people get offended? I agree with you completely.. especially about the changing the tire one. I like a manly man .. and he needs to know how to change a tire because I sure as hell don't lol :pp

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  • i agree. these are the girls who can't do anything without a guy's approval and its sad. MOST GUYS DONT GIVE A SHIT. if you look good then you look good. it shouldn't be the same question asked 32423 a week about the same thing.

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