How can a cute but innocent looking girl attract guys?

I'm cute looking but also have kind of a young face and am short so sometimes guys see me as younger than I am. I have a good sense of humor, that's very unique, but I think sometimes it intimidates guys. I'm also pretty smart. They always seem to go for my friends, rarely me.

I really want to find a boyfriend, any suggestions or tips?


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  • Try the I'm easy look its popular, if you are looking for a guy, try chating and flirting with the ones you like, they aren't mind readers your odds will be better.


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  • Talk to them. Actually just standing around looking cute should work. It's easy for girls.

    • haha ya but the problem is they always seem to want to talk to my friends more. I feel uncomfortable forcing the conversation on them.

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    • lol thanks dude very helpful

    • lol Was that sarcasm? I was serious. Try going out alone if your friends overshadow you.

  • just smile when a good looking guy is staring at you,he is gonna approach you


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