Ladies, how can a guy tell if you find him attractive?

So please ladies give me your feedback, from single women and also women that are in committed relationship what would you do if you found a guy attractive


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  • well... I'm the shy type so I don't really do much but I do stare... jajaja

    not in the creepy, stalker way but I just get a good glance.

    thats all I can say ,some girls get all hyper and try to be the center of attention

    other like me just look and wish some day the guy we want will talk to us. :D


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  • If I'm attracted to a guy I'll stare a little, smile ,make sure my outfits perfect unless of course its a chill kinda day and I'm wearing sweats then I run.

  • I'll look at a guy and if he catches me checking him out, then I'll give him a quick smile and say hi!


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