What do guys really look for in a girl?

what is it that guys look for?nice body?big boobs?etc?


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  • Don't you expect to get a list of items as a good answer . The truth is, different guys look for different things in girls, because different guys have different needs. We establish relationships to satisfy our needs. Some want girls that will satisfy their emotional needs(Love, importance, disclosure, etc), others girls that will satisfy their sexual needs, others again, their needs to feel "normal", i.e. like everyone else in society, etc. And it's not just one need for one guy. Most come with a mix of those needs, in different degrees of importance to them. So, it's not simple. Telling you otherwise would be a lie.

    Now, maybe you want to get a lie; I just happen to know one of the biggest about boys, hang on: boys just want to have sexual gratification! It's a pretty big lie, but I must admit it is a good one!


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  • are you talking about looks or personality? most guys will all have different opinions on both, it's an individual choice

  • Primarily, guys look for physical attraction/compatibility. A guy who tells you otherwise is obese or is trying to sound overly nice to land you. And yes, big butt, big boobs, and sexy legs, are all in my personal list, as it is in most guys. Go to a park or the gym -- look at what guys ogle at. I'm a butt man so I'm always looking a girls extremities wondering what it feels and tastes like.

    Beyond the physical, is personality... and that's just for someone else to fill in.


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