I get called cute all the time when I'm not even cute, trust me lol!

It's kind of annoying, with all my mates I'm a normal lad. I make jokes and stuff. I'm quiet into underground London music (Grime/Dubstep ect) and I'm from a bad area compared to most people in my college. I speak with quiet a lot of slang. I know that treating female friends different to male friends is and being really nice to them might give off "Friend-Zone" vibes.

The only difference in the way act is I flirt a bit (obv to the girls XD).

YET everything I do, they find incredibly cute and love me up. 2 of my female friends have even decided to "adopted me" I'm there son and there my "mums" ( I don't call them my mums btw). that is just 1 of the many examples.

I like to think I'm confident and quiet funny, sporty and I don't think I'm bad looking at all. I well groomed and I'm not scared of approaching girls I like at all. I though the way I am would be quiet intimidating.

really confused, I haven't had a relationship in 3 years and I feel like every girl I talk to will just find me amazingly cute and shove me in the "Friend Zone" pocket.

i might just go emo

help? =]


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  • incredibly cute has two meaning

    cute as in tha friend zone

    and cute as in the sweet type who will sweep yu off your feet

    being in the friend zone is not entirely bad becaus you could always move out of it.

    keep trying you'll find what you are looking for or even something better

    {bee? }

    • well now I'm really confused with one of the girls. the one I'm suppose to call "dad". During a party 2 days ago she bought me and drink and when we drunk it she brang me to the dance floor. She began to grind on me, like REALLY BAD, grabbing my neck while I was behind her.

      I like to think I'm a good dancer and most of my female friend dance with me more then others because I guess they know I know what I'm doing.

      But she was really seductive... Real confused about her now, she has a boyfriend aswell

    • it could have been he drinking.

      it could have been at that moment she was attracted to you

      she stil could be attracted to you

      there isn't a defintite anwser unless you ask her.

      sounds like yu like her

      am I wrong?

    • i think she pretty good looking, most of my female friends are don't know if that makes me picky or unshallow lol.

      if I wasn't good friend with her for the last 2 years and just met her that night, boyfriend or not I would have made out with her. I would probably never make out with her in are situation unless I was REALLY drunk.

      Since she does have a Boyfriend and I respect her a lot AND college would be mad awkward on Monday haha

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  • don't worry about it. if it really bothers you just tell your friends it kinda creeps you out. and if you like a girl, if you don't initiate something and she doesn't, then you can't have a relationship. ask someone out. if you don't, there's no wonder you haven't had a relationship in three years. and it doesn't matter if you don't have a relationship if you don't mind yourself. you're still young (like me). I haven't ever had a relationship, and I don't really care.

    • well I'm not gonna lie, I do want a relationship. I normally get to know the girl 1st before I ask them out ( I'm not afraid of rejection).

      but what I'm trying to say is, when I get to know them they "love" me, in that annoying cute way. so when I ask them out for something like a night out just the 2 of us or to go out, they pretty much say no. what makes it worse is they say "your like a son/brother". that line there makes me go mad. Has happened twice to me, I ended up raging at the girl(s).=/

    • Yeah that can be annoying. Luckily for me the two girls who did that were sisters and weren't attractive - I was just friends with them, but yeah, they saw me as their little brother or something. Maybe try not being close friends with them first - just be friendly, but try to show them you don't wanna be their best friend. Once you know them well enough that it's not awkward, ask them out (maybe to the movies), but don't get to know them too well. Oh, make sure it's just you two going. Gl :)

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