Is it bad to text a recent ex when in a relationship?

I mean, to text like once a week or every other week ?

Is it bad if feelings are involved ? and if not, is it still considered as bad ?


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  • If you still have feelings for this person, you should not be in a relationship at all. Now that I have that out of the way, no its not bad unless you are texting about things that are disrespectful to the person that you are in a relationship with now. Is there any correspondence that would upset you if you were to pick up your partners phone and see them texting their ex? If the answer is yes you are wrong. You must also be honest. Are you willing to tell your partner you are texting your ex? Just take the time to put yourself in your bf's shoes Its really hard not to contact that person especially if you were friends before the relationship. You just have to be sure you can keep the texting at a friend level and nothing more.


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