Girls, why do you assume a guy is a creep, just by looking at him?

granted that being shallow comes into play. how come you don't even give a guy a chance, just because you looked at him and thought to yourself, nah, he's probably a bad guy or something

i was at my job the other day, I had the balls to go up to this really cute girl, we talked but she turned me down, granted she had just met me, but, why if we got along, did she turn me down?


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  • I don't know that this is what's happening, but sometimes, I look at people and just get a bad feeling about them. I don't know if I could even describe why that is or give specific reasons why I'm getting the bad vibes, but regardless, I trust my intuition and stay away from people like that.

    I don't have any good reason to hang around someone that makes me feel uncomfortable, especially if I don't know the person and don't need to associate with them for professional reasons. I'm sure you'd feel the same way and do the same thing if you were getting bad vibes about someone or some situation.

    • i wouldn't reject them off the bat, id give them a chance, if I felt something was up as we become friends, say back off but not even giving them a chance, in my opinion, is wrong

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    • Yes, I'm prejudging a guy by doing that. No, I'm not so sure it "ain't right". If I was friendly to every guy that approached me and gave every guy a chance regardless of whether I had a bad feeling about him, I'd probably have been raped by now.

    • sure you get your bad guys and your good guys, but you still gave them a chance, all you gotta do is have your guard up, while doing it. its about how you act as well, not him

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  • I agree, if I'm not "feeling it" then I have no problems with turning people down. Also, you may think that you got along great, but some girls are really great at faking having a good time. I have more then once overcompensated for disliking some guy by being TOO nice, and then giving them the wrong idea. Not a pretty situation.

    • so don't think you should just not have done it? I thought "fake" wasn't good?, girls are telling me all the time, to be real and be myself. seems a little hypocritical to me but ok..

    • Of course fake is not good at all. I'm not proud of it, but it does happen (And not just by me, as an avid people-watcher I can spot this happening all the time, guys and girls). I mean what's worse, being fake nice to a dude or being real mean?

      You also have to take into account, in your situation above, that you have no outside information on this girl. She may be interested in someone else, or just not think you're her type, etc. It seems rash to think that she thinks you are a creep.

  • I doubt she just looked at you and 'yup yup that's a bad dude there' maybe she just wasn't attracted to you ,I talk to guys I just met all the time but that doesn't mean they'll get my number or I actually like them.


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