"You have beautiful lips."...?

I know if someone tells you, “you have beautiful lips” is a compliment and its meant to be a good one. But I’m not sure, because this is the most common compliment I get, and after a while its starts to feel like, the guy only wants me sexually! …I don’t know why I keep thinking that (maybe after the few bad experiences I had after this compliment I guess!). ..So what does it really mean if a guy compliments your lips?


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  • It means just that. "You have beautiful lips." And behind those words is, yes, a guy thinking how prettier it would look with your lips rapped around his shaft.

    Don't be offended by that. Boys will be boys, and we're sexual creatures, more so than you girls. And we KNOW that, is why they're being subtle with you by saying just that and nothing else so as not to offend you. But I'm just telling you one of many things that go through a guys mind, and it's really not that many things actually, when they see a girl with pretty lips. It's one of the most beautiful traits of a woman -- large lips and labias. Be happy for it.


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  • Its good that you're being catious about a compliment like that. You have good reason too. A lot of guys when they say somethign like that, are thinking about your lips on his $*&% like the other guy said.

    however, not all are thinking that. I can notice certain "sexual" features of a woman, and want to compliment her on them, but it isn't because I'm thinking about having sex with her. If you have beautiful lips and a guy notices, be very weary, BUT, maybe talk to him a little, and try and decide if he just wants you sexually because of that, or if he is genuine and might be interested in soemthing more, and he really likes your lips.

    Ive seen some girls with very attractive lips, and Id say that 90% of the time I notice, I just think of how damn beautiful their lips are face are, and maybe 10% or less, I think of them down on me.. And even if I did think of that, I wouldn't push the situation. Id be more itnerested in the girl..

    so its something you just have to take your time, be weary of, and try and decide for yourself

    if the guy is very patient, that's always good

    • yeah, thank you very much, I see what you mean!... :) and I will see how things will go! xD

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