Is this an attempted gay pick up situation, what should I do about it?

not really sure how to explain this whole thing but there is this foreign guy in my college program . first I just though he was trying to make friends as he didn't seem to have many but lately things have got weird and his body language and actions make me uncomfortable , as he sits rate beside me in computers class and touches me as he walks by . he told me once he liked girls but that was a while ago and I have not seen him show any interest in any attractive girls . today he also asked if I had facebook and I told him I did but I didn't use chat so no point added me , then he asked if I wanted to go for beers ? where I have no clue , then he asked to borrow my textbook and I said no . anyways what you think is this guy interested in men as more than friends ?what should I do about him


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  • Well I don't know for sure but foreign people are used to different social norms than we are so what may seem creepy to you might be normal to him talk to him and tell him your a little uncomfortable he's probably having a hard time adjusting which is why he doesn;t have many friends

  • It very well could just be his way of trying to be friendly. But if it turns out that he's trying to hit on you, simply say that you are flattered but you don't swing that way. No need to attack this guy, just set things straight with him (no pun intended).

    • well yeah that's part of the problem I haven't been rude to him so far and maybe he's got confused about where I stand . maybe I just need to draw a line in the sand and make it clear .

      and even if I did swing that way I wouldn't want to date him , honestly I find him a little weird and he isn't good with people and english makes no sense .

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