What colors of make-up look good on girls?

OK so here's how I mean: I have hazel eyes- blond hair-fair skin- and acne

what colors of make-up would look best on me?


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  • Well, if you're new to makeup then stay with the more natural tones!

    if you have acne, you're not just going to go straight on with the powder. you may need to get yourself a good concealer, most would recommend a higher end product, as MAC or something. If you're on a tighter budget just go down to your local drugstore and pick up a good concealer.There's a few different types of concealers, there's some for blemishes, there's liquid ones, and there's just cream ones. There's actually a videos on youtube you could watch on these!

    They show you how to apply eyeshadow and concealer and foundation and all that jazz! :) You'll find them so so helpful, I promise. That's where I learned EVERYTHING I know about makeup, and honestly now ALL my friends come to me asking me for tips :)

    Here's a list of some beauty guru's I recommend:

    Fafinettex3, JuicyStar02, Allthatglitters21, Aleexaandraxo, makeupgeektv, JLovesMac1

    ahh. Those are just the ones I love to watch. Some looks and makeup things they do may be way too much for you to get used to, but they also have toned down more neutral looks.

    I would recommend going to mac (If you have the money) and explain to them that you're not much of a makeup wearer, and what would look good on you. Tell them you want to try eyeshadow and you're new to all face makeup (primers, concealers, foundation, powder, blush) and they'll help you and try out makeup that will best suit you. They'll show you how to apply it, also.

    If you don't have to the money just go out and get a thick concealer (for the blemishes) I use the concealer that comes in lipstick looking packaging. It's easy, and fast to use. I get a that concealer in a color CLOSEST to my skin tone, only because it will be used for blemishes, not for under the eyes. (if you're using it for under eye circles, then you're going to need a color a few shades lighter than your skintone) yeah. After you apply the conccealer over any unwanted blemishes, you go over with a foundation! I use a drugstore one. You can apply this all over your face it's best to put it on the back of your hand, and get a brush and dab it and then just dab it all over your face! it's not good to just slap it directly on your face and rub it in. It will look cakey and not natural looking... OKAY! Then go in with a nice LIGHT pink (since your more fair skinned) and just smile and apply it on your cheeks. If you hav ea more round face, apply it in a circular motion from the apples of your cheeks to the temples of your head. don't over do it! if you have a longer face, just apply it on the apples of your cheeks in a larger circular motion, and fade it toward your temples, but don't go too far. You can do this step before or after you apply powder foundation (powder foundation is optional, but I like to use it to set my entire face..it will make everything stay a bit better!) When you use a powder don't grind it on your face! just swirl it in the powder, TAP OFF THE EXCESS, &lightly dust!

    • I'm so sorry this was so long :(

      I wasn't even done and I ran out of characters.. I totally got off topic. I'm sorry!


      I suggest light browns! :)

      Never blues, you have to be pretty experienced with makeup if you're going to attempt to pull off blues!

      Vibrant colors also like blues would be red, yellow, or orange. Those colors will be very bright, be careful with those.

      Purples and greens are definite acceptions. Just use them with browns to neutralize them.

    • its fine I think urs was best

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  • My mom does make up. she's a mary kay consultant and she said to try the pinks and blues out for the eyes,a little blush not too much jus to give a healthy cheek look (it works for me ) when it coems to lip stick don't lay it on thick just give your lips slight color and then put lip gloss on over it ..mascara is always good and eyeliner black or sage works ..

  • go more for natrual colors but if you want people to notice more try useing gold and makeing your eyes pop also try purple or green.

  • Depends on the girl

  • I think natural makeup looks best on all women.

    this is my basic makeup routine:

    I use revlon picture perfect powder that has spf in it to block the sun.

    I then use revlon eye shadow, I use my fingers and it is a really light cream shade of pearl or something like that. It looks super natural.

    Then I use a small amount of black eyeliner, and a small amount of black mascara.

    Then just use a small dab of chapstick and I am good to go.

    I try not to over do the makeup so if it seems too much then skip all the eye makeup all together.

    I read in a magazine that if you have acne, you should avoid blush or bronzer because it will just cause people to focus more on your acne (especially true if you have acne on your cheeks)

    I have a lot of acne also and I avoid it all together and NEVER use blush or bronzer at all.

  • Stick with neutrals or a smoky eye once you get the hang of makeup.

  • i think earth tones would look good on you