I tend to get acne everywhere but my face. Not big breakouts but like random ones.

Anyone know a good way to fix them? I clean myself and stuff.


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  • Reduce the intake of

    processed and fatty

    food. Consuming oily

    and fatty food

    increases the oil on

    the skin surface and

    hence it becomes

    one of the major

    causes of acne. To

    get rid of acne, you

    must also wash your

    face 2-3 times a day

    with an oil free soap

    or face wash. Don’t

    apply cosmetic

    products on your


    -Don’t touch your skin with dirty

    hands, and never

    pop or squeeze

    acne pimples. This

    will spread the acne

    infected fluid and

    increase the


    -Intake of vitamins

    like Vitamin A,

    Vitamin B, and

    Vitamin C & Vitamin

    E is good for your

    skin and reduces/

    prevents acne from


    -Change your diet

    and lifestyle in order

    to get rid of acne.

    Sleep on time and

    sleep at least 7

    hours a day to get a healthy skin..

    -Don’t use

    harsh soaps.

    -Apply honey

    /tomato pulp on your

    acne affected skin ...

    • Damn. Nice advice. Thanks.

    • You are welcome dude...hope it gets lost 4rm you face..;-)

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  • I used to get quite a bit a few years back. If it's really bad then I suggest you go to a dermatologist. It costs a fair bit but it's so worth it. I took this acne treatment called 'roacutane'. Depends on how severe and if the dermatologist recommends it but it has worked wonders for me. I only get like one or two pimples during my period but the rest... nudda! (nothing lol). Since you're a guy, it could be even better for you. The stuff in roaccutane is Isotretenoin so you could talk to a doctor about isotretenoin if you want. Roaccutane cures the skin unlike other products which just helps prevent it then if you don't put the acne cream or whatever daily then they breakout again. When I took roaccutane I had to take 2 pills a day for a whole year.. then after that year.. didn't have to put anything on my face as it cleared. I just wash my face with a face wash now, and that's it. umm yea.. this worked for me. You can look it up for more details and speak to your local doc about it.. I highly recommend it, I hardly get pimples.. only on 'special occasions' ..that's all I can say.

  • Get a lemon and rub it on the acne. The juice of it helps clean the skin.

  • Acne body wash. Check out a Wal-mart or drug store.

    • Anything specific? I know you know beauty stuff.

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    • Thanks :)

    • You're quite welcome. :) Hope it clears up for you.

  • try the acne body washes


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  • From what I hear, a soap/body wash with salicylic acid should help.

    Also if you're into sports/working out, make sure you take a shower asap after sweating tons to make sure you're not carelessly clogging your pores.

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