What do guys notice about girls?

I asked my girl friends "What draws you to a guy? Or what thing just has to click in order for you to fall for him?"

I got responses like his smile, his posture, his butt, etc.. For me personally, it's the eyes..

So now I want the guys' answer to this. What quality or feature catches your attention in a girl?

(Please don't all say boobs..!?)


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  • Depends where it's at tbh.

    If its on a street or public hallway/college. If I saw a girl with a good figure and generally good looking I would have a cheeky look :P, I may never see that girl again so for me she's just eye candy.

    If its a party/club and I wanted to talk and later make out with them, again would be good figure and generally good looking

    If I was looking for a Girlfriend then I would also take into consideration personality, does she make me laugh, do I get on with her ect. :)


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  • Men like a good looking face.

    It's also the most important thing on a woman, everything else can be altered with surgery , but there is only so far you can go with the face.

  • Boobs.

    Oh, come on! It's the same it's being since the days of Sparta! Boobs, a$$, legs, lips, long hair, pretty face, and the fact that she can cook and clean is a bonus. Right guys?

    • Yeah, but I mean, if you see a girl in the street, you can't tell if she's a good cook.. I meant what IMMEDIATELY captures your attention about a girl..

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