Do you guys mind stretch marks?

Do you mind them?

If not, even if there's a lot?

How much is too much?

If yes, why?


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  • Not nearly as much as you think we do. I've never seen a real live naked woman without them and I even have a few myself on my hips from growing too fast.

    • Listen to him and me. We're telling you the truth. Only a virgin who's been whacking off all his life to photos in Playboy or Penthouse would be surprised to see stretch marks on a girl's boobs, hips, or butt. The only time I was amazed by stretch marks was when I was about to get down with a young pretty mom. I had never seen entire abdomen wide stretch marks before but it didn't stop me from being 'with' her.

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  • In all honesty, any guy that I know wouldn't care about stretch marks. if he has gotten you naked enough to see them, they are going to be the last thing in his mind.

  • Damn it...Use the search engine.It's not that difficult to use it and it doesn't need any supernatural skill.

    • Don't answer it if you're going to act like a bitch. I don't need that kind of a response.

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    • I will. You just sounded really mean. That's all.

    • Hey, don't take everything seriously, it's just the internet after all : )!

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