Guys, what's your perfect girl? Describe her

Eyes, lips, hair colour, weight, height, boob size, etc.


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  • I love bright pretty green eyes, nice puffy soft lips, long hair I don't really mind what color.

    im not that tall I'm only 5'9 so id like a girl 5'6 and maybe about 110-140 as long as you are thick I like it.

    I gotta be honest I love big boobs my favorite would be a fit girl with some perky d cups.

    as far as personality goes I like a lot of different types but I would say a fiery go getter that knows who she is and what she wants to be is such a turn on.

    Independent girls that need no one to survive is the biggest turn on I could ever imagine in my perfect girl.


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  • I would love it if she had DEEP green eyes, something about them just drives me crazy. When it comes to lips, its more that I don't want a girl with thin little bird lips, as long as you aren't in that category, you're in the clear. I LOVE redheads, not that I exclusively date them, but they are definitely my preference. When it comes to weight, its more about body shape than weight, I like a girl with curves, and a little extra ass never hurt anybody, hehe. Height really doesn't matter, I like girls that are taller and shorter than myself. Boobs just need to fit the woman's body type, but I'm not crazy about huge boobs, big is definitely okay, but when we get past a full D cup, I might look the other way. To add even more to this, if your hair comes all the way down to your butt, that's a big plus.

  • Hazel or green eyes. Brunette, medium lips (to thin, but not non-existant). Giant lips turn me off. 110 to 140. If she's tall, like 5'11" up to 160 maybe 170 if she's muscular. I'm 6'4" and 200 lbs so you get my drift. B cup to a C. A's are OK if her legs are insane. Ha ha.

    • Oh, I got to say, short hair turns me on too. Short and blond with streaks of brunette would be fantasy level CAUTION HOT!

  • eye: I like hazel but any colour really

    lips: soft

    hair colour: complimentary to her eyes

    weight: lighter than me.

    hight: shorter than me

    boobs: I like them

    my personally favorite part of a women is her legs and hips. if those do not look good on her it not gonna be as fun... for the both of us.


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