How can I show him that I do appreciate him and care? :)

I really wanna show him that I DO love him and that he DOES mean everything to me. I can be awful to him.

Any suggestions (not sexual) to show I do care and appreciate him?

Here him summed up:-

He loves science and maths

He loves the matrix

He's super smart and sensible

He has lots of pride, is logical and thinks things through well

He loves running

He loves the movies

He loves with his whole being

He enjoys Mexican food

He buys me loads as he's so bloody generous

He enjoys intellectual and meaningful conversation

He finds people hurting themselves, falling off things utterly hilarious

He is competitive

He likes spending time with his friends

He loves guitar

So, anything I can do to show him I care, I appreciate him and respect him?

Thanks x


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  • I know you said "no sex"...but come on...

    If there is not lots of sex happening, or none...then that is pretty much the thing to do. Lingerie and some oral pleasure.

    buuuttt...keeping it rated G.:

    Dress up like trinity, watch the matrix trilogy while eating mexican food!

    • We have sex all the time (I'm not complaining)

      Hahaha, good idea. I'll dress up like Trinity and after the film have sex with him as Trinity :)

      Best idea I've been given in ages or ever!

      Thanks :) x

    • than mark it best answer ;-)

      and make sure to wear the sunglasses!

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  • study together

    watch movies together (Matrix-like or Jackass)

    stimulate the conversations by boosting his ego and confidence

    go jogging together

    make him mexican food or do it together

    get him a meaningful and useful gift

    have him teach you to play guitar, can you sing?

    • I'm quite a good singer :)

      Thank you :) I need to start being more selfless and taking an interest into what he likes :)

  • how about saying it straight forward. that's vey good , and simple


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  • to show you appreciate someone just say "thanks" when they do something nice to you. or just say something like "I really appreciate you being in my life and being such a nice person to me, I will never take you for granted because I would hate to lose you". You can show someone you appreciate them by also giving them a present. Just make it personal and I'm sure you can add a message to it saying something like "this is because I appreciate you so much for everything you are and have done for me, thank you". Hope this helped a bit.