Have to get dressed for court?

I'm taking my roommate to court to:

1 - evict him

2 - get him to pay for the hole he kicked in my wall

3 - get him to pay for the couches he ruined.

I have a dress shirt, tie, and a decent pair of pants (also I plan to loose the piercings), but I don't know what to do about my hair. I don't want to dye it since I just dyed it and I don't want it to fall out..

Any suggestions on what I can do to hide the blue? I thought about getting a cheap wig but don't know where to find one.

the court date is in 3 weeks.

court has come and gone. Roommate was forced to leave the premises he left the room he was staying in a total reck but that's alright. He has to pay for the damaged wall but not the couches.


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  • Hair doesn't fall out if you dye it too often. If done improperly it can damage it, particularly if you have long hair. I suggest you try a semi permanent / tint dye, which will fade away in about 25 washes. I recommend a natural brand that you can buy at health food stores because there are less damaging chemicals. Blue hair really won't do it for court, I'm sorry, they just won't take you seriously at all. DO NOT GET A WIG. It looks fake. Try to style it in a way you would for an interview in an office - not too crazy. I also recommend you borrow a blazer from a friend, or rent one, because you don't seem like the type who would wear it often anyways so you shouldn't buy it. Make sure it's well fitted, same for your pants. You don't necessarily need a tie if you're to wear a blazer.

    Right is what you should aim for. Left is what you should avoid.


    • i know that constantly changing your hair color will severally damage it because I completely fried and ended up shaving it a couple of times because of this. I don't look good bald lol.

      also the link isn't working.

    • Yea :/ One of my friends went through that, she went from almost black to blond, and she kept re-dying it every two weeks because it showed her roots alot. It looked really damaged, and it felt like straw. Even after she cut some of it off, it was really damaged.

    • This is another link. Hopefully it will work! (: link

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  • hahaha, this made me laugh so hard

    "I'm taking my roomate to court" and then a list of reasons. And you numbered them! hahahahahah


    you can put some temporary dye on, the spray kind

    • why is that funny?

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    • yea, is it small claims court. If it is, make sure you have all your evidence, you should take a pic of the wall and the couches he ruined. Bring someone with you as a witness.

    • yeah I've already taken pictures of the wall as well as the couch plus I had someone come out to price the couches.

  • Don't worry about your blue hair. I am sure that the final decision on this issue will not be affected by the color of your hair. I really hope that the judical system isn't that corrupt (:

    But really, if you are making an effort to look respectable and responsible, which you obviously intend to do, then you shouldn't worry.

    Don't try to hide it, it could very easiy make it worse.

    And, DO NOT get a cheap wig. It will look fake. I don't know about everyone else, but if I saw someone (in court, on the street, at a restaurant) with an obviously fake wig I would lose respect for that person. Don't work against yourself!

    Good luck with everything, I hope you win!

    Oh, and if you decide that you absolutey can not enter the court room with blue hair just get a really short hair cut and they probably won't even be able to tell :P


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