Do guys do this to girls they aren't attracted to?

I have a guy friend (That I've liked for a while) He came over to my house, last weekend, along with some other of his guy friends, and he ignored them practically all night, and stayed with me, outside, under the stars, just talking about everything. He's been a good friend for a while, and when we came inside, his friends were in here as well, we were all talking, and I was across the room, and he motioned for me to sit beside him. So, I walked over, and sat down, he pulled me into his lap, and we sat there, holding hands all night. And, he kissed me, (Not make out, kissed me, sweet and gentle like) In front of all his friends, twice. I don't know, if he just was trying to "get some", or if he was maybe trying to show off in front of his friends, but, What do you think ? Would a guy go that far as to do that stuff to a girl he isn't attracted to In FRONT of PEOPLE, especially his BEST FRIENDS ? Opinions and commentary would be wonderful. !


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  • I haven't had this kind of experience. But from what it looks like, he definitely treasures your presence. He values you. And that's a good sign.

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