The dark nail polish?

I guess this is coming from a guy who gives a lot of weight to women with pretty hands; specially, well kept nails.

I don't know about other parts of the world but here in US, I see SO MANY women wear that dark nail polish; not the gothic black (which I dislike) but the very dark maroon one. To me, that makes hands look very pretty. Particularly, with fair and pale complexion, in my opinion, that is the hottest combinition about a woman's hands.

What I want to know from women is: What makes them go for a color that is so common? Don't they get tired of the same color? Is it because women KNOW that it makes their hands look pretty and sexy? Or is it because it saves the time to choose from 100 colors?


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  • thats my favorite nail polish color. I'm going to wear that shade tomorrow. I don't care if it's common, it's probably common because so many people feel the same way we do "it's sexy and pretty". I mostly wear that shade in cold weather, in the spring and summer I was wearing neons and bright shades

    • I think you kind of agree with my perception. Enjoy your day tomorrow. I hope many many guys notice your hands tomorrow. And I hope there other men out there who think like me. For me, that color is an absolute turn-on. I understand about the summer logic. Makes sense.

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  • I paint my nails whenever I feel like it and whatever color I feel like doing that matches my skin tone. Right now it's an OPI pink. Otherwise I'll get French manicures done.

    • Thanks for the input.

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    • I agree.

    • And hands and feet , both should agree with each other. Painted hands with plain toes also look "not-too-cool". :)

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  • I mean sounds neat