Forever alone face (google it)

My friend and I are always taking small events and saying that because of these we will be forever alone. I joke that I am going to be forever alone because I love Harry Potter or because I love cake. I mean it as a joke (Like when I my shoe comes untied and I say I obviously have the worst life of anyone anywhere) but there are people that look at me with pity and begin to explain to me that there is hope and I should try online dating. Is it a turn off that I joke that I'm Forever Alone?


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  • You really are going to be single one except 1 person decided to answer this after 2 months. Too bad I'm answering it after the fact. Gah I'm so late on things, I'll be forever alone :(

    • high five, forever alone together! Wait... we can't do that, it would cheat the forever alone system. DAMN IT!

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      I saw that picture a few days ago and thought of this question lol

    • hahahahaha win.

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  • I dunno, I lol'd and am happy another girl knows her memes...

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