How do girls show they like a guy? What behaviors?

Whats your style :P


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  • if I tell the guy I like him, then I like him.

    If I drove 3.5 hours to see him, then I like him.

    I spend all weekend with him, then I like him.

    If I choose him over my friends then I like him. a lot.

    If he happens to be overseas and I flew 4000 miles to be with him, then I like him. If I write to him a lot or I skype with him a lot, or if I realize that we happen to be in love in love and I buy him a present or two, I like him.

    Usually it shouldn't be so hard to tell if a person really really likes you, I hate people who play mind games and say they like you but they don't. Say what you mean and mean what you say.


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  • Try to make conversation, laugh/giggle a lot, eye contact- MAJOR, lip-biting etcetera.


  • exttra interest in what you like & do. Asking about you a lot & your stuff. Smiling a lot in your presence. Caring if your sick or in need of help. Extra nice than with other ppl. :)


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