What is real love? What is with you women? You judge me based upon what security I give.

Well if you go that far I will go body shopping also. Do you have stretch marks? Have you any baggage? Do you know what you want in a man? If it's love you seek stop with the bullsh*t about my thoughts! Go shopping and I will also.Maybe I'll just use you for a baby after buying you because all you want is security or a lot of guys! But don't throw that back in my face because the truth is you are shallow and you bring it on yourself. Nag, Nag, Nag on about yourself... I think one of my breasts aren't as pretty as hers. WTF? My man can't be like that... WTF? Girls are you all that #&#@^, well I'll be nice... :(


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  • Wow..I'm sorry to see that your experience with women so far has left you so bitter. If you're not just venting for kicks then I think you should understand that NOT EVERY WOMAN embodies what you were ranting about. There are decent women out there. You just gotta keep your head up and your eyes open. Pay no attention to the ones that annoy you and just keep it moving. Afterall I'm sure you have other things to deal with.

  • i have no idea what your main question is...

    im not like that :)

    i always put my friends before me. if I feel down at the same time one of my friends does, ill forget my feelings and go help them :)


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